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Advancements in Science, Engineering, and Technology may make the world a better place but Education is what enables advancements to take place. Based in Bangalore, the IT Hub of India, OnePercent's primary focus is on bringing in a revolutionary change in the field of education through the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and making every aspect of your digital life productive.

How are we different from other EdTech companies?

Unlike those who focus on reach and availability, we emphasize the importance of learning through instilling curiosity. Curiosity has been the driving force of the human race and is one of the most ignored aspects of education. A person curious about a concept will go to any lengths to find out more about it but a person with no interest, even with all the availability of resources, will look past it. Our primary objective is to promote learning by capitalizing on curiosity and building interest that enables learning.

What about the other products that we offer?

With the average person having a screen time of 38% - 43% of their waking hours, it's safe to say that we spend the major part of our lives digitally. To make this seemingly wasteful aspect of our life productive, we provide various premium products and services in the fields of Office, Entertainment, Lifestyle and much more whose objective is to make your digital life productive by subtly building curiousity and promoting learning.

OnePercent acts as a common platform for all your online needs for a hassle-free digital experience. Combining these, we strive to unite all communities into one club focused on increasing productivity, more privacy, providing better choices and complete control of your online presence.

We are constantly working on making our products and services better to meet your expectations and not only help make your life easier but are fun, easy to use, have better functionalities, are more secure and most importantly, help you improve your knowledge along the way. Over 50 of our products are life already and much more coming your way, we are on our way to changing the way your perceive technology.

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Mission and Vision


  • To promote incremental self-improvement and make education more appealing and effective by utilizing the power of curiosity and robustness of Artificial Intelligence


  • An approach restructuring how education is viewed by creating a top-down approach and replacing the conventional bottom-up approach.
    The current system aims to teach concepts and then enable usage but we aim to instill curiosity, answer questions and offer in-depth knowledge.

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We provide Premium Quality Products and Services for Free for our rapidly growing community here are OnePercent.
With over 50 Products live and 100 more in development, our products and services are spread across a wide array of industries.

Products and Services in the field of

  •   Technology
  •   Education
  •   Entertainment
  •   Utility Software
  •   Gaming
  •   Social Media
  •   Finance
  •   Office Tools
  •   E-Commerce


Premium Products (Under Development)

Enterprise Products & Services

Software is taking over all sectors from education to construction, all businesses from small-scale to multinational corporations. Every one is dependent on software and the dependence is only going to grow over time.
So why is everyone so dependent?
The simple answer is, it makes life easier, better, increases efficiency, and decreases the wastage of resources.
Instead of hating the change technology is bringing into our lives, why not embrace it and come out on top?

  • Are you a Student trying to boost your resume to land your dream job?
  • Are you a Freelander trying to secure those crucial leads?
  • Are you a Business Owner trying to manage your work better?
  • Are you an HR looking to make your job easier?
  • Are you a Hotel manager looking to run your business more efficiently?
  • Are you a Doctor wasting your time on unnecessary tasks instead of focusing on the important ones?
  • Are you a Principal of a School/University trying to make it easier for your staff and students?
  • Are you a CEO of a multinational company trying to improve your marketing strategies?
Whatever your role is in society, we bet that you can do it better by embracing technology with our AI-Assisted enterprise applications.

Enterprise Software Solutions

  •   School/College/University Portal
  •   HR Management
  •   Inventory Management
  •   Hospital Management
  •   Hotel Management
  •   Marketing Management
  •   Accounting & Billing

Simple Software Solutions

  •   Resume/Portfolio Builder
  •   Website/App Builder
  •   Hosting/Professional Email

Basic Software

Build professional portfolio from scratch with a simple and easy to use interface
Design your website/app from scratch without any knowledge in programming
Host your website/email with dynamic pricing based on your requirements

Enterprise Software

University Portal

A portal for Students, Teachers, the Management of Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Access course materials
  • Track attendance
  • Performance history
  • Online tests
  • Fee payment
  • Student/Teacher documents
  • Grievances

HR Software

A portal for Employees/Interns/Contractors and Management for a seamless work experience

  • Easy management of staff
  • Access to company's performance
  • Access to employee's documents
  • Ease of interaction with colleagues
  • Salary, benefits and tax information
  • Performance history and scores
  • Grievances

Inventory Management

A software designed to make your life easier as a business owner with inventory

  • Current stock information
  • Predict demand and restock
  • Track sales and revenue
  • Track profit and loss
  • Model predicts revenue/profits
  • Recommends best business practices

Hospital Management

A portal for Hospital Staff and Patients with access to Medical History

  • Access patient's medical history
  • Resources optimized according to requirements
  • Optimized allotment of staff
  • Predicts success rate based on patient's medical history and disease
  • Handles insurance and bill payments seamlessly

Hotel Management

A portal for Restaurant/Hotel owners to manage and serve customers better

  • Manage hotel rooms efficiently
  • Customized menu suggestions based on review and demand
  • Dynamic pricing based on demand and supply
  • Predicting demand based on past demand trends
  • Ordering online
  • Easy interactions with customers increasing customer retention

Marketing Management

A software that simplifies the complicated task of effective marketing

  • Analyse demand, marketing results, sales information
  • Suggest best stragtegies to increase sales
  • Dynamically price products and services based on demand and supply
  • Increase brand awareness and increase organic reach

Accounting Software

A software designed to make accounting/filing easier for the average individual

  • All information regarding the types of filing
  • All information regarding the types of taxes
  • Company/Business filings
  • Personal filings
  • Tax returns
  • Information on tax benefits
  • Informtaion regarding insurances and loans

Billing Software

A software generating/storing bills and providing sales reports

  • Bill generation
  • Store customer information
  • Track revenue/profits
  • Access any bill of any customer of any given date
  • Detailed revenue report

Education through Curiosity (Under Development)

AI - assisted Education

Technology may be advancing at an unprecedented pace but the reason for it is that a bigger percentage of the human population is educated than ever before.
More minds to think and more hands to work have led humanity from hunter-gatherers to the most dominant species, possibly in the whole universe.

If everything's going well, what seems to be the problem then?
We may have more people in universities, not a many love what they do. This is in part because of the lack of willingness to learn combined with the lack of choice to quit. In a rat-race, focus is on the finish line instead of the race itself. It's about forcing oneself to learn a concept to go ahead instead of actually being interested in it.

So, how do you get people interested?
By instilling curiosity. Curiosity leads to an urge to satisfy it. This in turn leads to researching about a certain concept by own will and once the concept is understood, develops a sense of satisfaction and interest to look for more.

This approach of teaching combined with the robust strength and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence is what we're working on to make learning an experience worth living.

Artificial Intelligence

An AI capable of answering and question
An AI also returning with relevant concepts to understand regarding the question with different levels of depths
An AI capable of keeping users in the loop to learn about similar topics


Instilling curiousity by asking real-life questions enabling the learners to think and build curiousity, the satisfaction of which may lead to an unrealised interest to learn more.

Akash R

Founder & Director

Use your free time to build the life you want,
not escape the life you have.


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